In this website, you will find an individual’s life and some of my personal thoughts about life and people. The content of this website is subjective and the purpose of preparing it, is just for people to look themselves ones more from my perspective. My only expectation is to add something positive to reader’s life. Because these articles or any other articles or people or friends or doctors or cooperation or society can not change you or solve your problems and certainly not able to make you happier people. They can only help you to make you look yourself ones more from a different perspective, rest should be done by yourself.

So, you are the only one to make yourself more free, productive, sharing and happy. Because this is your life, no one knows your life better than you as it is unique like your fingerprint. So please do remember always that you are the only one who can change the thinks in your life, only you.

I think all of us share our thoughts, our perspectives on life and events in a way with others. And this sharing continuously take place usually at every turn, in the environments that we find appropriate and also with people we find appropriate by using different ways.

To share our thoughts and also to feel that our thoughts are evaluated, cared and recognized are basic emotional needs of human being. And we call this winning recognition. Wining recognition is a basic need of people like the other 3 basic emotional human needs.  They are freedom, producing and sharing.  In light of this information, my motivation to prepare this website should be to feel free, to produce something, to share with others and to win recognition if possible.

Do you want to know why and how ? In order to undestand this, you need to read the rest of this website with a little patience.