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Scientists state that the nearest star system to our Sun is about 4,35 light-years away from us and the nearest star name in this star system is called Proxsima Centauri.

Interstellar distances are explained with the speed of light. One light year is equal to the distance with light speed in one year. But we today know that the substances are not able to reach the light speed based on current science resources due to many reasons scientists explain. So we can consider ‘’substances light speed’’ concept only theoretically and need to consider like we will be able to travel with this speed one day in the future.

As an example, it takes 50,000 years to travel to the closest planet Proxsima Centauri with our current most superior technology. I remind you that it is the closest planet to us.

Have you ever wondered, how far is the closest galaxy to us ?

The name our scientists have given it, is Andromeda and it is approximately 2,5 million light years away from us. So, it will take 2,5 million years to travel to Andromeda if we can reach the light speed one day. And do you know how long does it take to go there with our current technology ?  Approximately 125 Billion years and remind you that this is the closest one.

What about the farthest one ?

Our scientists discovered that it is 30 Billion light years away. So, it will take 30 Billion years to travel to farthest galaxy we know for the time being when/if we can reach the light speed one day. I am sorry I could not calculate how long it would take to travel there with our current technology but you may if you want.

If we summarize, based on our current knowledge, there are approximately 7 Trillion x 50 Billion planets available in the universe and their distances to us vary approximately between 4,35 light years and 30 Billion light years. And we can only imagine to travel to any of them for the time being.

So, can you please think of these distances that we have trouble even to describe them, the universe, our galaxy and star system, than our world and finally ourself in all these incredible environment ? Please try for a minute.

Hope to see you in my next article as I will finalize this subject.

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