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Although the word “life” is a short word itself, I believe it hides an adventure in it. This is such a word that when we try to understand the meaning of it, we can only be aware of just a small faction of it and the rest is a big mystery.

Note: Although some scientists have been trying to explain the meaning of the origin of life for a long time, our mental sufficiency is not enough to comprehend the whole picture.

Each of us has different ideas and perspectives about life with different happiness expectations. A worthless element for someone can be a vital important element for the other one. For example, if you think that some children are dying because they don’t have access to clean water , then you can probably understand how the meaning of “happiness” changes for every single person. In fact, most of us, of course, are aware of these children but we hardly ever try to reach them to help. We sometimes watch them on television or read about them, feel sorry for them, however, unfortunately we often pretend as if they don’t exist.They are just other upset, confused, hungry and poor children whom we know but we cannot do anything to change their situations.

Now, let’s do something different, travel deeper into our feelings and think.

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