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how can I be more happy

A few words on the concept of happiness

How will we be more happy

I believe I was able to explain not to look for permanent happiness from my point of view. And the real issue is why we can not be happy during the time periods when we have reasons for being happy.

At this point we should realize our mistakes then we need to start believing that we are often the cause of negativities happening in our life’s. Blaming others would not bring anything positive to our life’s and our basic life philosophy should be always critical, willing to change and looking for better.

Then we need to apologize from the ones whom we made mistakes in a language they can understand very well. Most importantly we have to know that apologizing does not mean that you are wrong but it refers to that the value given to them is higher than your ego.

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Our inner and outer words

Our Family Life

I believe that the most important decision in our life’s is to choose the right spouses for us because firstly they will be one of the main part in our life’s and additionally the most excellent existences, our child/children will be born from this togetherness.

We look for a partner like us. When we are trying to get to know her/him, we usually prefer her/his to have similar thoughts, similar insights and similar expectations with us. You wonder why ? Because we primarily want to stay exactly as we are and we think that if we get together with some one, having different perspectives from us than we will need to spent time to understand her/him and also respect to her/his point of views and than most importantly we will need to change some of our outlook on life.Whereas we think if we get married with someone like us than we will not need to change. So that during premarital period, we explain ourselves and our expectations from life as much as possible , we want him/her to understand us very well and act , think and proceed like us. At this period, we do not intend to listen too much because our concentration is to explain ourselves as much as we can and make her/his act exactly as we want in our future marriage. Thus we think that we can easily benefit from her/him as much as we can. And we also mistakenly dream that we will not have an headache in the future and she/he will be at least mostly acting exactly as we want from her/him.

In case if we are not sincere than ONLY just 2 different things happen.

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