A few words on the concept of happiness

How will we be more happy

I believe I was able to explain not to look for permanent happiness from my point of view. And the real issue is why we can not be happy during the time periods when we have reasons for being happy.

At this point we should realize our mistakes then we need to start believing that we are often the cause of negativities happening in our life’s. Blaming others would not bring anything positive to our life’s and our basic life philosophy should be always critical, willing to change and looking for better.

Then we need to apologize from the ones whom we made mistakes in a language they can understand very well. Most importantly we have to know that apologizing does not mean that you are wrong but it refers to that the value given to them is higher than your ego.

And a sincere ‘’ thank you”. ‘’ Thank you ‘’ is as magical as ‘’ sorry ‘’. It should not be a fake one and not like routine ‘’thanks’’ we say time to time but firstly it should be a sincere thanks and private time period should be allocated for thanking to whom we want to convey our appreciation. In other words it should not be conveyed in between matters and also it should not be like quickly and slipshod said at the end of conversations.

As a result; to internalizing this perspective, might cause having the most valuable award in our life’s. We can be more happy and make happy more and this little game should continue until our life is over. Sometimes we will get close to the target and some times not but when keep fighting, changing, paying the bill, getting some pain 🙂 then happiness might be our valuable partner. Other wise it might stay away.

Worth a try you think ?

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