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Especially the type I call monotone ones drain indeed, very fast …

We go over to fireplace when we get cold, intense heat of fireplace makes us very happy at the beginning then in a while we feel the need to become distant than after a little while we get away more as the heat discomfort us.

First pleasure had been vanished.

Another example,

We feel very happy when we eat our first chocolate, then after eating couple of them we reach the saturation than if we keep eating than we feel nauseate.

And again the first pleasure had been vanished.

We feel great during our dates at the beginning with the one we like but if her/his interest gets more and more every day/week/month with numerous daily phones, unexpected visits ect. ect. then we feel trapped and want to get away.

Ones again the first pleasure had been vanished.

Few examples stated above are the happiness that provide maximum happiness feelings at the beginning periods than they loose their momentums in time and end finally. The same loop may start from the being after some time when similar opportunities take place and I call them monotone happy  times.

There are also happiness opportunities which may not be recovered after loosing them. We usually become aware of their values after we loose them and I call them dynamic happy times. They may stay in our life longer then monotone happy times, they usually do not discomfort us when appropriate care and attention provided  and their contents are different than the monotone ones.

Few of them are; freedom, health, interdependent family, mother love, father security, smell of our children, couple of sincere friends, loving smile, hearty hug, flirtatious winking, sweet kiss, success, appreciation, friendly thank, honourable apology …….. which we are usually not really aware of their existences and real values when we have them.

Let’s be aware of them and let’s also not wait to lose them to be able to understand their vital importance and values.

Do not also pretend like they will always be with us because we may wake up tomorrow morning without them and them to another world without us.

Hope that life smiles to you frequently and hope to see you soon.

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