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Especially the type I call monotone ones drain indeed, very fast …

We go over to fireplace when we get cold, intense heat of fireplace makes us very happy at the beginning then in a while we feel the need to become distant than after a little while we get away more as the heat discomfort us.

First pleasure had been vanished.

Another example,

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Weekly articles

Universe, our galaxy, our world and hapiness

Note: 3 articles which complement each other visual’s backgrounds are black due to Özgecan Aslan and her family.

I need to recommend you to read my previous 2 articles which are having the similar titles first to be able to better understand this article.

Our scientist estimate our world age is about 4,5 – 5 billion years.

They again estimate we Homo Sapiens started to act like modern human beings about 50,000 years ago. So, we can say that our generation is aproximatel only 50,000 years old.

If we make a simile for easier understanding and if we consider our world’s age as a human being average life time 75 –  80 years than Homo Sapiens ( us ) age is like a baby born a few hours ago compared to our world’s age.  So, we are very young compared to our world’s age.

As a result ;

I just wanted to make you to thing about the grandness of  the universe, plurality of galaxies in universe, tremendous distances between them, time, light years and light speed senses.

I believe all these greatnesses whisper something to us and want us to hear that; we have been existing and vanishing in a massive scheme and harmony for quadrillion of light years. We embrace you, have been constantly interacting with all of you and provided you various instruments for you to have an access to more happiness. Look in to the dynamics in my eternity and feel them just beside you like the love, passion, freedom, goodness, kindness, justice, fairness, honourable benefits, sharing with others and finally become aware of your conscience which is always against to your negative thoughts and actions and continuously fighting with them to weaken and replace them with the positive ones each of every second.

‘’Aware of them  ‘’ it says repeatedly, ‘’ be more aware … ‘’

1 is a very important number, it is magical and also a starting number. Whereby there can not come after anything without 1.

So, let’s start and try not to tell even 1 lies 1 full day, share our 1 full day income with those in need, fight with only 1 negative though comes in to your mind and replace it with 1 positive thought the same day, talk no ones behind in the same day, thank to 1 person and finally apologize from 1 person sincerely while thinking this mission the same day. (  When you decide to proceed as requested above than your conscience will tell you who to thank and from whom to apologize, believe me it will, you can do it easily and a little courage will be enough at the beginning only … )

You can add others to or reduce from above 1s or you can choose only one of them or you can decide another ones which you prefer other than mines and if you decide to proceed with your new ones then please ask your conscience about it, it will guide you the correct way for sure. You may not accomplish at the beginning but please do not give up, keep trying and be sure that the good inside you will sense this 1, guide you to be successful than ask for 2,3,4,5….. when the right and appropriate times come with new missions. This is an incredible and entertaining journey. You will be successful and unsuccessful time to time and each success may bring your life a positive energies, than you may like this game and than it may mean more and more happiness in your life.

Yes, it may not be a justice in one life time, according to my opinion it does not, we also do not now what happens after our life, there might be an equalization after or it might not be, we do not know for sure but the one live seems real. So, I believe that  there are times in our life when we can be happy many times and it might be up to our attitudes and actions whether we have more or less happy times in our life.

Try, what would you loose ? Nothing… and share the outcome with me if you kindly spare some time.

Thanks for reading and I am sorry if my words did not carry anything positive to your life.

Hope to see you soon again wishing you all the best.

Weekly articles

Universe, galaxy, our world …

Scientists state that the nearest star system to our Sun is about 4,35 light-years away from us and the nearest star name in this star system is called Proxsima Centauri.

Interstellar distances are explained with the speed of light. One light year is equal to the distance with light speed in one year. But we today know that the substances are not able to reach the light speed based on current science resources due to many reasons scientists explain. So we can consider ‘’substances light speed’’ concept only theoretically and need to consider like we will be able to travel with this speed one day in the future.

As an example, it takes 50,000 years to travel to the closest planet Proxsima Centauri with our current most superior technology. I remind you that it is the closest planet to us.

Have you ever wondered, how far is the closest galaxy to us ?

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Weekly articles

Universe, our galaxy …

This article and following one might make you feel that I am out of my subjects but it will end up with ‘’Life’’, ‘’ Happiness’’ and/or ‘’ The concept of happiness ‘’ subjects in the third article.

Let’s start…

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