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Our inner and outer words

Our inner and outer words

Our own inner world.

I am sure that we all know how our lives changes when we are not happy and we are all aware that we cannot be happy all the time.

You might also think that if we are not be able to eliminate all difficulties from our lives, why are we trying this much? All our afford is to control the negative energies in our souls to let as much happiness as possible into our lives.

Our ego is the captain of the team. ( Please note that I am not talking about “the constructive part of Ego ” in this article, only “the destructive part of ego” is considered here. )

Their main weapons are our weaknesses like our laziness, insincerity, fixed mindedness, ignorance, mendacity, hypocrisy and you can name many others easily and they are perfectly used against us.

They are very clever and also very good strategists. All they want is to give an opposite direction to our positive actions and thoughts.

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Our inner and outer words

Our Family Life

I believe that the most important decision in our life’s is to choose the right spouses for us because firstly they will be one of the main part in our life’s and additionally the most excellent existences, our child/children will be born from this togetherness.

We look for a partner like us. When we are trying to get to know her/him, we usually prefer her/his to have similar thoughts, similar insights and similar expectations with us. You wonder why ? Because we primarily want to stay exactly as we are and we think that if we get together with some one, having different perspectives from us than we will need to spent time to understand her/him and also respect to her/his point of views and than most importantly we will need to change some of our outlook on life.Whereas we think if we get married with someone like us than we will not need to change. So that during premarital period, we explain ourselves and our expectations from life as much as possible , we want him/her to understand us very well and act , think and proceed like us. At this period, we do not intend to listen too much because our concentration is to explain ourselves as much as we can and make her/his act exactly as we want in our future marriage. Thus we think that we can easily benefit from her/him as much as we can. And we also mistakenly dream that we will not have an headache in the future and she/he will be at least mostly acting exactly as we want from her/him.

In case if we are not sincere than ONLY just 2 different things happen.

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Our inner and outer words

Our Bussiness Life

An unhappy business life makes us an unhappy individual and also effects our family life negatively.

No company have perfect workers, administrators and owners. Workers, administrators and owners are always somewhere between black and white. Company souls determine whether employees are closer to white or black. Every step is very important, like employee selections, managing and handling business procedures, their targets, the way companies handle their capital, businesses, suppliers, producers ect.ect. and also the way their board authorize/empower their administrators. I believe a good company owner and an administrator should have some congenital talents associated with their jobs at first. But these talents do not make one a valuable company owner or administrator. They also need to have a good infrastructure, need to be such an experts in their subjects and need to acquire certain experiences which will take time to get them.

During this journey; company owners, administrator and also administrators trainees need to work hard, renew themselves constantly, listen more than talk, investigate, educate themselves, take some risks and learn only the truths from their mistakes. Even if all are done, you need to remember that you might be unsuccessful time to time because we all need some change to be at our side. Most of our sacrifices are to gain more and more power but intend to ignore additional problems which power bring to our life’s. I have met many people who were not able to manage the situations well and suffering under these responsibilities. I am afraid they were also not providing any type of guidelines and benefits to their colleagues. And after years of effort, they thought that they have had the authority and success they were looking for but they were certainly not happy at all. Meanwhile, a significant portion of their life were gone. .

Do you know why ?

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Our inner and outer words

Our Social Life

I believe we use different personality masks during our social life. These masks overshadow our real characters time to time. So that, our real identity is overshadowed time to time. Shape of the masks are changing according to the situations and the characters we want to be seen. Than finally masks are hiding the facts and become reflective of the characters we want to be seen at that time.

In fack, our egos become our countenances. And we tend to believe that the real us are these masks because these masks are decorated, polished and prepared according to our goals. And some times these masks are even not monotonous but dynamic and they are masking the real feelings and what really want to say because this is their work. Is this the way it should be ? this is a question you need to answer …

I read some people writing ‘’ remove and discard all these masks ‘’. I believe it is not possible to live without masks at all for majority of us and may be they are need time to time but the imortant part is that how often, for how long and for which intention we use them.

‘’I see many people who have nothing on them and I see many dresses which have no people in them.’’